What is Social Marketing Solutions?

Social Marketing Solutions is a Fractional CMO and Public Relations Firm.

What Can We Do For You?

We specialize in getting our clients featured in high domain authority media platforms that are relevant to their target audience as well as running press releases to help build up overall saturation and amplify company announcements.

Our established network of journalists and writers allow us to guarantee specific placements, even in the first month. We do all the heavy lifting as well. Writing the article, sending to you for approval and to add quotes if needed, editing, and finally submitting to the final publications. We also guarantee at least 200 placements on every press release that we run.

Once these articles are publish we also re-share them across all of our company and partnered social media feed totaling around 500,000 followers currently.

We can also have our CEO John jump in as your fractional CMO and offer you high level strategy consultation as well as getting you access to our team of experts. This means we essentially craft a customized plan for your unique situation and become your marketing department for quite frankly a fraction of the cost of hiring an in house team.

I need more information and I want to research you before our call!

We encourage you to research us ahead of time. You can find our CEO John's Twitter HERE, Learn more about our operations director HERE, and reach a brochure we created just for you HERE featuring case studies and a little more detailed information about what we have to offer.

Don't worry...we will send you some of this stuff as well to make it easy!